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It's time to search unseen.

We don't want to know you. We just want to help you search better.

  • We don’t store your information.
  • We don’t store your search history.
  • We don’t track you.
Private searching

Private & Safe Searching

We don't collect or share any personal information when you use our search engine or interact with our website and we do not store any personal information or data on users or their searches.

Supporting Australians

Invests in Australian Business

All Australian Owned Certified businesses are recognised via the search engine and featured in the Australian Owned Certified search function. Searching using Lookaroo gives you the confidence to know that links with our certified tick are guaranteed verified Aussie businesses.

No tracking

No Tracking

We don’t know who you are - so we can’t track you. We cannot tie any of your searches together. No IP addresses are logged or stored, no ifs or buts about it. You are searching completely unseen.

What We Do

  • Personal information or data is
    never collected, recorded or saved
  • Search history is never tracked or recorded
  • IP address is removed by servers we manage
  • Unprofiled search results
  • Blocks targeted ads

What They Do

  • Record search history, personal data and location (IP address)
  • Record and share IP address; process personal data on cloud servers
  • Allow other websites to track and profile users for advertising
  • Deliver targeted ads based on user’s location and browsing history
  • “Private mode” still logs browsing activity in the system, just not the user’s device
  • Profiled search results based on IP address and browsing behaviour

Australian Owned, Australian Operated.

Lookaroo is a privately owned, Australian Owned Certified business (A00001), operating from its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. The servers and team, consisting of engineers, creators and support managers are based in Australia. You can find the Australian Owned Official Notification of Certification here.

We support and invest in Australia and we help you do the same by priority listing Australian Owned Certified businesses in our search engine. All revenue stays in Australia which means it is more likely to be reinvested, boosting our economy. See more about why investing in Australia is important here.

Our mobile browser and desktop extension come with private search and protection from trackers as you browse.

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Our Story


Lookaroo was created by a group of mates sitting around a barbie in suburban Brisbane.

Sick of being tracked and targeted and sold off by Google, they dreamt of a search engine that just gave what you searched for without manipulation. A private, safe, Australian search engine.

...An idea! A search engine where what you searched is what you got, that didn’t want to know you, track you or sell your information off to the highest bidder.

Lookaroo was born

We’ve made it as easy as possible to switch to
Lookaroo from any other search engine.

But why would you do that? Privacy and to invest in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

The privacy and safety of you and your family.

  • Protect your Privacy
  • Increase your Safety
  • Support Australia

Did you know your personal information is worth millions of dollars? Google does and they are using your information for one big (read billions of dollars) revenue raising tool: ADVERTISING.

According to PWC, the internet advertising industry in Australia recorded growth of 3.3 percent in 2020, reaching A$9.3 billion, with the industry expected to grow at 5.5 percent to A$12.4 billion by 2025. Globally, digital advertising spending is at an estimated US$378billion, with the expected growth to reach US$646 billion by 2024.

Google’s main business is online advertising. In 2020, Alphabet (a holding company for Google) generated almost US$183 billion in revenue. Of that, US$147 billion — over 80% — came from Google’s ads business, according to the company’s 2020 annual report.

This is huge. And it’s one major reason why Google want to keep you nestled in their tracking web. Google care about you for one thing. Your personal information. Because without it, they lose money, they lose power, they lose influence.

When you switch to Lookaroo (Australia’s safest search engine) we ensure your searches are private, not saved, sold or used for profiling. Our mission is to help Australians search and browse the internet unseen. Our search engine has been designed specifically to keep your information private and secure. We don't store your personal information. We don’t track your searches. We truly don’t want to know anything about you, we just want to help you search better.

The best part is we support and priority-list Australian businesses - building Australia’s economy. How good is that!

To put it bluntly, a hell of a lot. Google has a fettish for data collection. And it's understandable considering the above gobsmacking numbers. It’s their bread and butter! Without your personal information, they’d be just the same as little old you and me.

What they do with your data is a little (a lot) creepy. They put together a detailed profile all about you; the things you love, hate, want, need, where you work, what you do on the weekend, medical information and more. They want to know it all. Weird, right? Why would google want to know so much about me? You might ask. Purely so they can create a product out of your profile, sell advertising and make the big bucks.

Google uses all your personal information to make advertising revenue - through personalised ads and providing tailored search engine results. Ever notice ads constantly following you around? That’s someone tracking you. Each time you use Google, you give away personal information. Google tracks your searches and hides trackers on millions of websites.

You are worth billions to Google. BILLIONS. And they are desperate for you to stay. Time to break your toxic ties to google? Add the Lookaroo extension to your browser today.

Lookaroo was created by a group of friends fed up with Google and a desire for a better, more private search engine. It is a privately owned, Australian Owned Certified business, operating from its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. The servers and team, consisting of engineers, creators and support managers are based in Australia. You can find the Australian Owned Official Notification of Certification here.

Lookaroo works in the same way as any other search engine. It combines data from many sources including Australian Owned Business Database, Foursquare, Bing, OpenWeatherMap, & Wikipedia to surface the most relevant results. All other search engines do exactly the same. The key difference: Lookaroo does not store IP addresses or user information.

Lookaroo search gives you genuine private search results without tradeoffs in result quality. We have everything you would expect in an online search experience with the added bonus of supporting Australian business and offering you the opportunity to do the same. Plus, because there is no search history on Lookaroo, you escape the filter bubble of manipulated results.

We’re not likely to receive requests by governments to hand over user data – simply because we don’t have any. They can’t request what we don’t have.

Desktop: To switch to Lookaroo as your default search engine, you will need to add the Lookaroo extension to your browser. You can add Lookaroo to many existing browsers.

How: Go to Lookaroo.com.au, click Install Lookaroo button

You can contact us at gday@lookaroo.com.au